The Basket Bag - From Ancient Egypt To Catwalk Runways! – Henrietta Spencer


The Basket Bag - From Ancient Egypt To Catwalk Runways!

The Basket Bag - From Ancient Egypt To Catwalk Runways!

The ancient Egyptians are recorded in history with the first baskets. But weaving materials such as, raffia, straw and sea grass into multi-functional useful items has been found in history, all over the world in civilisations such as China and the original natives in America.

Basket bags did not become a prime accessory until the 1950s. The simple straw tote bags were associated with expensive beach holiday resorts, and therefore became a symbol for the rich who could travel all over the world.

The woven basket made a fashion come back in the late sixties due to actress, model and singer Jane Birkin. Carrying her basket to destinations all over the world, and in turn the basket was seen by her side in every photo of her . The 'Birkin basket' bag became a must have accessory years before a purse was named after her.

The basket bag has evolved from a impulsive holiday buy on the beach to a high-fashion investment. Now major fashion brands have joined the fray such as Loewe who produces superb straw basket bags.

We now hope Henrietta Spencer has joined the rich history of the woven basket bag. And we like to think our extensive range of straw bags from our small clutch to our large woven totes, have really added something to the fashion industry.

Henrietta Spencer prides itself on being just that little bit different, and we love our range of colours available, an example of which is 'The Ascot' clutch in pink and the large woven basket bag 'The Hampshire', in navy blue which are both pictured.  

The basket bag is here to stay, a timeless classic which was here long before us and will be long after. Designs will change over the history of time but the core identity of the basket bag will remain, a woven natural handmade product made with love.

The Ascot 


The Chelsea


The Hampshire






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