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Straw Bags & Warm Summer days!

Straw Bags & Warm Summer Days!

Whether your summer 2022 includes coastal holidays, weddings or long Sundays in a freshly cut garden, our woven straw basket bag styles are ideal warm weather companions being intrinsically lightweight and easy to wear. The Chelsea and The Somerset are the same woven tote shape but feature differing leather detailing, so to choose between is your choice and ultimately what suits your personality. 

The Chelsea

The Somerset

The straw basket bag has always been a summer go-to wardrobe classic, its fashion standing has grown on the catwalk over recent years. Whichever woven bag you pick, there is something romantic about having a basket bag to hand in the sunshine and the simple effortless elegance it brings.

A party or wedding booked in for summer 2022? The Ascot clutch with its hand and shoulder straps are a perfect accessory while chatting to friends with a glass of fizz in your hand and munching on the odd canapé. If you’re looking to make a statement while wearing a flowing floral dress The Cheshire which comes in pink, navy, orange & walnut brown is a lovely addition and a super place to store all your make-up and daily essentials.

The Ascot

The Cheshire

Our Suffolk range of straw basket bags which come in four different sizes ranging from small to extra large are truly versatile. If you are planning a beach holiday or a day in the park, they are a great all-rounder. These straw bags look effortlessly stylish placed on a picnic blanket filled with chilled wine, cheese and bread sticks.

The Suffolk

Henrietta Spencer likes to pride itself on the variety and versatility of its woven basket bags. From clutches to tote bags, we have it covered so take a look at our range and find your perfect summer 2022 sidekick!


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