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Say NO to Fast Fashion

Improve the quality of your wardrobe by saying NO to Fast Fashion... 

Here at Henrietta Spencer we create items that are both affordable and will last you through many many seasons and different trends. Keeping a classic traditional style that never goes out of fashion. 

There is a reason why fast fashion is cheap and affordable. Fast fashion is made to not be very durable so it only last for a season or two. This is a great tactic to make you consume more fast fashion items. 

Start adding key pieces to your wardrobe that will last, and stop buy high quantity, low quality items, that do not last. 

Here at Henrietta Spencer we like to source ethical products, all handmade with natural fibres and materials. That you will keep in your wardrobe for years to come. 

We also like to have a rule that our business is 100% green, using no plastic in our products or packaging. 

Henrietta Spencer x 


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