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New Basket Bags 2020

New Style Basket Bags for 2020

''The Signature Collection'' 

Our Brand new Collection of Basket Bags is launching the 1st March, Just in time to get ready for Spring 2020. 

The Countdown is on to show you the 13 new style basket bags that have been designed and handcrafted especially for Henrietta Spencer.  

All our basket bags are hand crafted with the finest natural raw materials and we use only the finest pure grain Walnut and nude genuine leather. This year we have some completely different shape and style bags that you will not see anywhere else, All the styles in the collection have the ability to zip close with our new Henrietta Spencer logo zips, for added security and style. 

Straw bags, rattan bags, basket bags, wicker baskets... They never go out of style, and Henrietta Spencer is bringing an old classic style basket bag to life with new styles, features and elements including more leather and lining. 

I am sure a Henrietta Spencer bag would be a welcome addition to your wardrobe and we can assure you they last a life time of style and fashion trends. Our bags are perfect for country fashion outfits, your everyday jeans and T-shirt outfit, or your little summer dress and holiday outfits.

Henrietta Spencer basket bags really are the perfect Town and Country Accessory, Each bag is unique with no two bags being the same, each bag possesses its own unique charm and differs slightly in size and colour of the natural fibres. 







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