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The Suffolk - A New Straw Basket Bag All-Rounder


The Suffolk - Basket Bag

The Suffolk in its four forms and sizes, means summer 2022 is full of choices. This straw woven basket bag ranges from an extra large handbag to a small raffia basket bag fashion accessory.

The Suffolk basket bag is a woven multi-functional classic, which transforms any outfit, thanks to its simplicity and charm. From summer shopping to beach holidays.

The extra large and large basket bag styles in The Suffolk are perfect for woodland walks, picnics in the park or lazy days on staycation.

Roll up your towels and pack up your favourite bottle of fizz in straw basket bag style. These large raffia basket bags are a summer 2022 must have, with their genuine brown leather handles and hand woven straw design. A basket bag that will go with any summer outfit, casual or smart.

Think French basket bags with that extra bit of flair. Why not fill them with all your  food market favourites; bread sticks, fresh veg and local meat.

The Suffolk also comes in medium and small basket bag form. With summer 2022 approaching, these woven bags are ideal for shopping, city walks and visits to the beach. The medium and small basket bags are compact and perfect for holding your daily essentials in true Mediterranean style.


The Suffolk - Small

Approx Basket Bag Size (S):
  • Height 25cm.
  • Width 30cm.
  • Depth 15cm.

The Suffolk - Medium 

Approx Basket Bag Size (M):
  • Height 28cm.
  • Width 35cm.
  • Depth 20cm.

The Suffolk - Large

 Approx Basket Bag Size (L):
  • Height 30cm.
  • Width 45cm.
  • Depth 20cm.

The Suffolk - Extra Large

 Approx Basket Bag Size (XL):
  • Height 35cm.
  • Width 47cm.
  • Depth 25cm.





  • Do you have medium bag in stock?

    Lois Goodwin
  • I bought the beautiful Suffolk extra large basket last year. So many compliments when I use it Would love a new one when they are in stock. Please keep me posted if yoou have time. Jan X

    Jan Norton
  • Email me when you get Suffolk back in stock small or medium

    Lois Goodwin

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