Black Henrietta Spencer Basket Bags - Summer 2023!

Black Henrietta Spencer Basket Bags Summer - 2023!
The Black Collection is a range of specially crafted unique basket bag styles featuring rich black genuine leather straps and elements. 
A black Henrietta Spencer basket bag will go with any look, white jeans, a flowing summer dress or a pair of white pumps. A black woven basket bag is versatile and perfect for any occasion, and stylish paired with all colours. 
Henrietta Spencer has many styles in black to choose from, and our woven basket bags are a great way to dress up your outfit.
Understated & simple in design, The Southwold in black, would beautifully stand out against a summer dress on a trip to the beach. A neutral colour that is a go-to, and a great wardrobe staple with its short and long handles for versatility. 
Date night? The Chelsea in black is the perfect way to make an impression. A large basket bag in the classic tote shape, with a zip closer and  a strong black linen material stitched into the rim of the bag, to keep your essentials for the night safe. A basket bag to go perfectly with a little black dress. Effortless elegance!
Shopping trip with friends? The Somerset in black, a straw basket bag that would go perfectly with a pair of casual blue jeans and a comfortable jumper. A stunning way to finish off any outfit with style and grace!
And lets not forget The Dedham -  A large versatile basket bag, with a zip closer and strong black linen material stitched into the rim for security, to keep your belongings safe. Our new flap design features hand stitched detailing, a magnetic closer, and Henrietta Spencer logo for added style.
We have four tote basket bag designs that come in black, which are also available in beige and walnut.



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