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A Classic Basket Bag Trilogy

A Classic Basket Bag Trilogy

A look into some of the finer points and differences between The Hampshire, The Somerset and The Chelsea basket bags 2022.

All three woven basket bags come in our classic straw tote shape, with a Henrietta Spencer logo zip - which closes a material rim at the top of the bag.

Lets start with The Hampshire, a new large basket bag for summer 2022, which is very simple and understated, and we think a Henrietta Spencer future favourite. With a centred leather badge and long genuine leather straps, allowing it to be placed on the shoulder. Coming in the popular Walnut Brown & Navy Blue colours.The Hampshire is a versatile large straw tote which lends itself to varying looks, whether walking through town, coast or the countryside.


The Chelsea basket bag in contrast, is the louder sibling to The Hampshire straw bag. Exactly the same in design, apart from its 10x10 cm square genuine leather logo panel placed on the front of woven bag.
This Henrietta Spencer best seller comes in - Walnut Brown, Navy Blue, Orange, and Pink genuine leather detail finishes.
The Somerset basket bag, in our eyes is the super sophisticated grown up sibling. The small leather logo is placed to the right of the straw bag as you look at it and a centred genuine leather buckle finishes off this sleek design. Take The Somerset woven basket bag out for a holiday dinner on the mediterranean coast, paired with your favourite summer dress. The Somerset tote bag comes in our full range of colours. 

As you can see, these Henrietta Spencer tote basket bags will go with just about anything. Add a little straw texture and you are suddenly just that bit more effortless!


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